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The Gift of Repentance

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? If you don’t, then this message is definitely NOT for you! But if you do, then this is for you! Most people enjoy receiving gifts. Some like flowers. Some like jewelry. Some like shoes. Some like chocolate. Some like tickets to concerts or sporting events. While gifts come in many […]

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The Underground Movement

Daniel Company🗝 There’s an underground church movement springing forth within the womb of The West. While many are looking for the coming revival in a church building many will be surprised and will fail to identify the grass roots awakening coming forth from kingdom business and entrepreneurship. There are a company of kingdom pioneers that […]

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The Wheat And The Tares

The Wheat and the Tares are Maturing🌾 As each day passes we can clearly see the wheat and the tares are beginning to mature. To a generation that knows their place it will be imperative that we see and distinguish between the two that have a very similar resemblance. Without doing so we will lack […]

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End Of Year Announcement

Taking a Leap of Faith Hi Friends, We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating the goodness and faithfulness of God!  It’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner and 2018 is coming a close!  With this being our last newsletter for the year we wanted to share some BIG and EXCITING news […]

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Eternal Perspective

Eternal Perspective: The Tension Between a Sovereign God and a Miracle-Working God I saw this photo circulating a few days ago. It’s title is “First Day In Heaven”. The timing of when it appeared in my newsfeed was definitely the Lord’s timing. It came at the heels of the death of a friend. I realized […]

Posted by lyly on November 17, 2018 | Categories: Blog.

Toad Revelation – Perception Is Not Reality

We’ve all heard the term “perception is reality”, and that is because whatever you perceive to be true becomes your personal reality. However, what you perceive to be reality is not always true. This is the case with my toad story! If I were to ask you what you think of when you think of […]

Posted by lyly on September 1, 2017 | Categories: Blog.

The Power of Perspective

I remember when my mom and I used to go to the mall and we would window shop, which meant that we just walked around and looked at things we didn’t have the money to buy. For me this was a time to sit down in the middle of the mall to watch people walk […]

Posted by lyly on June 27, 2017 | Categories: Blog and New Blog.

John 17, Unity and The Call to Diversify

In prayer I recently heard the Lord say that a good investor diversifies his assets, meaning that he enlarges his base of operations and does so in many different forms. This made me think about the prayer in John 17 where Jesus asked that all believers would receive the glory that He had been given […]

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The Writing is on the Wall

Awakening and the Coming Messenger-11/11/16 -Prophetic Word for East Dallas (Rowlett) Over the past year I’ve received a couple dreams from the Lord in regards to the Eastern Dallas Region (Trinity Fork), Rowlett. I’ve recently felt a release to share these dreams as a source of encouragement and exhortation to what I’ve felt the Lord […]

Posted by lyly on May 16, 2017 | Categories: Blog, New Blog, and Prophetic Words.

The Rise of the Owl Company

In 2012 I was taken into a vision where The Lord revealed an eagle transforming into an owl.  I saw it taking his place at the top of a newly formed mountain that had surfaced and risen out of the earth.  Little did I know at the time that this encounter would take me on […]

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