The Gift of Repentance

on February 22, 2019

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? If you don’t, then this message is definitely NOT for you! But if you do, then this is for you!

Most people enjoy receiving gifts. Some like flowers. Some like jewelry. Some like shoes. Some like chocolate. Some like tickets to concerts or sporting events. While gifts come in many different forms and sizes, when we think of a gift we typically think of something tangible. Something we can smell, eat or wear. Something we can see and use. But what about those gifts that come in the form of the “unseen”? Gifts that are eternal.

Acts chapter 11, verse 18 in the Passion Translation says this, “Look what God has done! He’s giving the gift of repentance that leads to life to people who aren’t even Jews.” We rarely think of repentance as a “gift”, but that’s exactly what it is! It’s a gift that leads to life, not only life here on earth, but life eternal. I believe that more times than not, we hear the word “repentance” and we shriek because we associate repentance with shame, condemnation, judgement or criticism. But the Greek term for repentance actually means, “to change your mind and amend your ways.” Repentance means to change the way you think and literally turn-around from the direction in which you were headed and come back to God. So if the direction you are headed in is a path leading to death or destruction, wouldn’t you rather make a U-turn and walk into the loving arms of your heavenly Father? Wouldn’t you rather stop being angry, bitter, stubborn, prideful, or whatever other negative term you can think of, and receive the gift of repentance? It is the KINDNESS of God that leads us to repentance!

Some of you love the Lord but have believed lies about yourself or others, made judgements or vows against yourself or others, have mindsets that need to be broken, may have unforgiveness in your heart, or have allowed some other hindrance keep you from walking in the fullness of who God created you to be which is affecting your relationship with the Lord. Some of you have tasted and seen the kindness of God, but for one reason or another (perhaps a painful or tragic event) you chose to disconnect from Him, and walked away from the life and inheritance that He has for you. Finally, there’s some of you who have never known the Lord (this implies having a personal relationship, not religion) and you’ve been walking in the wrong direction most of your life but are ready to stop, turn around and walk into the arms of a loving Father.

Whether you’re ready to receive the gift of eternal life, or you’re ready to release yourself from your self-made prison of bitterness, anger, pride, unforgiveness, or whatever, the gift of repentance sets you free! Now is your opportunity to stretch out your arms and receive this beautiful and wonderful gift that leads to life and relationship with the Lover of your soul! #giftsfromheaven #repentanceisagift #lifegivinggift


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