Marketplace Ministry

Our Vision

To restore vision for Kingdom Business
To impart purpose and destiny to men and women who are called to the Business world and empower them to fulfill their call in the marketplace

To create a space and atmosphere for business men and women of all walks of life to encounter the Lord

We believe that Business is Kingdom!  It is not outside of the Kingdom or less significant than ministry within the church. Imagine what would happen if every business owner recognized their business as their ministry, and the people that work for them as well as the people they serve as their mission field.  What would happen if businesses stewarded the wealth given to them by the Lord to transform cities and even nations? 

As former marketplace people ourselves we believe there is a great harvest to come out of the business mountain!  Therefore, we have a desire to see men and women who are called to business, regardless of their function or title, to step into their God-given identity and assignment to extend the kingdom of heaven within their spheres of influence! What does this look like practically?

Here are a couple of examples: 

  • One business we impact creates time and space for their employees to be equipped and encounter the Lord during an extended lunch hour.  The CEO has lunch catered in a conference room and our team comes in to teach and minister to their employees.
  • Another business has us come in the morning before business hours to be equipped and encouraged through the word of God and through prophetic ministry. If you are a business owner reading this page and you feel a stirring in your spirit to create a space for your employees to encounter the love of God and grow in their identity as sons and daughters of the King we’d love to talk with you.

To find out more about what this looks like and how you can bring us into your place of business we encourage you to contact us.