The Groan Of A New Era

An Apostolic Emergence

In a time where every foundation is being shaken and tested we have been envisioning an emergence of the Chief Cornerstone in every nation of the earth.  

Beloved, can you hear the groaning of a people who are ready to come out of slavery and step into the promised land that awaits us as sons and daughters in Christ?  As each day unfolds we are reminded to build in accordance to the pattern of Christ and there are many being brought to His Glorious Mountain for such a Pattern!

Habakkuk prophesied of such an event in Habakkuk 2:14,

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”

Can you see an emerging army of laid-down lovers crying out to be sent?  Can you taste the dawning of a new day and apostolic age?  

It is with this hunger & heart cry that we see the Father remembering the promise granted to His chosen Son and responding by raising up a an apostolic witnesses that will herald the Name of Jesus unashamedly.

These witnesses have seen a new day dawning and are pledging their allegiance to go another way with the King of Kings at their head.  They are marked for nothing less than fulfilling the orders of their commission, and they are to be sourced from the very throne room of heaven. 

Are you hearing the groan of a New Era?

We believe many are and we want to provide language for the groan.

In this training intensive we will focus on giving language to the groan being released from Exodus 2:23-25 for a living and active apostolic witness.

“Now it happened in the process of time that the king of Egypt died. Then the children of Israel groaned because of the bondage, and they cried out; and their cry came up to God because of the bondage. So God heard their groaning, and God remembered His covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob.And God looked upon the children of Israel, and God acknowledged them.”

Our goal in these 12 sessions would be to summon those hearing the groan and gather them together in this online platform.  In these 6 weeks we will look to:

  • Give language to the apostolic groan being formed in the body of Christ in this time.
  • Affirm and encourage those in the pilgrimage desiring a tested and sure foundation.
  • Create a community for collaboration, connection and resourcing.
  • Establish apostolic doctrine that is rooted in the Word of God.
  • Identify the heart of an apostolic messenger.

Our Topics For These 12 Sessions:

  1. Apostolic Blueprints and Patterns
  2. Complete Surrender: Apostolic Messengers/Martyrs
  3. Apostolic Witness and the Crucified Christ Pt 1
  4. Apostolic Witness and the Crucified Christ Pt 2
  5. The Apostleship/Prophethood of Every Believer
  6. Apostolic Intercession: The Priesthood of Every Believer
  7. Discipleship & The New Wineskin
  8. The Forming of a Wineskin: Community
  9. Apostolic Commissioning
  10. The Emergence of Apostolic Teams
  11. The Cloak & Position of Humility
  12. Apostolic Spheres


Tom Ledbetter

Tom Ledbetter born in Waco, TX is a lover of Truth and Prayer. He is an equipper, an intercessor and a prophetic voice to the Body of Christ with a desire and passion to see the Kingdom of God advance by the moving of His Spirit.

Tom and his wife Lyly Ledbetter of 18 years have a 5 year old son named Nathan Asher who is a living testimony of the loving and miraculous grace of God. Tom came to know the Lord in 2007 and had a life changing encounter in 2009 in Eastern Africa. It was there that the Lord personally marked His life for the gospel and co-missioned him to carry the Fire of God to build His body, plant and establish His people, breakdown enemy strongholds, overthrow darkness and destroy the works of the devil.

Tom is the Founder and Director of Kingdom Gravity and works alongside leaders, intercessors, businesses and regions for the purpose of activating His voice and purposes in the earth. Lastly, Tom and Lyly founded the School of Dream Intelligence & The Issachar Company where Josephs and Daniels are being activated and built up in the night season for the purpose of understanding dream language and divine intelligence to walk rightly in these times and seasons and make intercession.

Tom has a Bachelors of Science, a Degree in Biblical Studies and is an internationally ordained minister.

Wayland Henderson

Wayland is a husband, father and lover of Jesus and His people. He along with his wife Jeanette are founders of Greater Works Generation Ministries as well as The Gathering Kingdom Center in Arlington, TX. A lover of the Word and the Spirit, he holds a Masters in Executive Leadership, and a Masters in Divinity from Liberty University. Wayland is currently pursuing His Doctorate in Future Studies in Semiotics and Church Culture at George Fox University.

Wayland moves in strong revelatory gifts and burns with a heart that aims to see the plumb line revelation of Jesus Christ become fully restored. He has traveled across the United States and Canada, and nations spreading the prophetic fire to witness awakening, restoration, and reformation come to the body of Christ.

Wayland and his wife Jeanette currently reside in Arlington, Texas with their three beautiful children: Jaleesa, Michael, and Moriyah.

Tammie Southerland

Tammie Southerland is a passionate lover of Jesus and prophetic messenger, author and revivalist. When she speaks, prays, and releases the fiery love of God she provokes people to hunger for God. The lost are saved, sick are healed, burnt-out leaders  bow to their knees to their “First Love” again, dreamers begin to dream again, and destiny is awakened in hearts that have fallen asleep!

Tammie is a full-time minister at Gate City House of Prayer, formerly the International House of Prayer,  in Atlanta GA. She has been featured on God TV, TCT TV network, Daystar, Charisma Media, Elijah List, and more. She  is the host of The Voice of the Burning Ones podcast on Destiny Image’s Podcast Network.  

Tammie and her husband Daymon live in Atlanta GA with their three daughters.

Matthew Whelan

The Jesus Gathering

A Christ-follower for 25+ years, Matthew is a faithful and loving husband to his wife Mary, and a caring and dedicated father to their 5 children. Matthew has itinerantly ministered throughout the United States and overseas, committing his life to the Lord’s calling of preaching the Gospel and making disciples.

Growing up a “pastor’s kid”, Matthew felt the call of God and began to travel as a missionary ministering among inner-city poor. After sharing Christ in the notoriously violent and forgotten streets of places such as Brooklyn & the Bronx, NY and Watts Los Angeles, CA, Matthew went and lived among the poor and homeless in San Diego, CA. Fervently sharing Christ and assisting in planting house churches, it was here in southern CA, that he met his courageous wife. One month after getting married, they faith-journeyed across the country to serve the poor and plant house churches in Boston, MA. Currently, Matthew is shepherding a house church he planted in Texas and helping to oversee The Jesus Gathering.

Living by faith, Matthew has never received a salary from the church. By the miraculous provision and calling of the Lord, he ministers from a pure and passionate faith, glorifying God in proclaiming the Gospel to all peoples with signs and wonders following.

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