School Of Dream Intelligence

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The School of Dream Intelligence is a faculty dedicated to helping you grow in interpreting the dreams that God is giving to you and those around you.   In the School of Dream Intelligence, we teach people and teams how to best effectively discern their developing dream language and grow in their ability to both hear and respond to the stirrings of God that come in the night season.

It’s our experience and journey that in this current day and age dreams are becoming more and more widespread than ever.  In the last few years, the Lord has been preparing us to not only impart dreams but to help those desiring to grow in their understanding to both discern and understand their dreams.

We invite you to come and let God uncover the mysteries that He longs to unfold through our dreams.

In the School of Dream Intelligence you can expect the following:

  1. We will study and discuss the biblical context of dreams in the Old and New Testament.
  2. We will discuss the importance of symbolism and parables as a means of dreaming.
  3. We will look at how our thoughts and emotions carry over to our dreams and overlap with the mind of God.
  4. We will teach you how to break down your dreams through charting and interpret them through the word of God.
  5. We will talk about the different types of dreams and their purpose (the reason God gives them).
  6. We will help you understand and grow in your personal sphere of influence, and advance in your call.
  7. We will help you discover your gifts, areas of needed development and purpose revealed through your dreams.

School of Dream Intelligence

The School of Dream Intelligence welcomes dreamers of all stages, from those who dream sporadically to those who are frequent avid dreamers.  Even individuals who aren’t sure they dream or don’t recall their dreams but have a desire to activate and increase their dream life are encouraged to participate.  Our school is a community of like-minded followers of Christ who have a desire to connect with God’s voice in the night season, unlock His mysteries, and grow in intimacy with Him through the vehicle of dreams!

Spring/Fall Semester Description

You have an opportunity to participate in our School of Dream Intelligence in the Spring or Fall.  Our semester is broken out into two parts.  We being the first part of the semester by laying the Biblical foundations of dreams as we review the dreams found in the scriptures.  We discuss why we dream and the purpose for the different types of dreams, and the connection to the pouring out of God’s spirit, which is synonymous with dreams, visions and prophesy.  In the first part of the semester our objective is to prepare, ground and activate the student into the realm of dreams.  It is our goal to see your heart flooded with illuminating light where you will be activated into a lifestyle of dreaming with God.

The second part of the semester focuses on building, in which we work with dreamers to accelerate their dream life and provide dream language to help them connect with the voice of the Lord and how He speaks to them.  Here our focus is to help the dreamer understand dream language, as well as understand the sphere of influence, grace and calling that has been placed upon their life.  We will also demonstrate charting to interpret dreams. It is our belief after completing the semester you will have a deeper understanding of how to build with God in accordance to the pattern being revealed in your dreams, and further partner with His plan and purpose for your life!

What’s Included:

  • 6 Weeks Of Training (24 Hours)
  • Live Interactive Sessions Online
  • Access To Our Exclusive Group Page
  • Access To Video Replays
  • Learn Biblical Foundations for Dreaming
  • Teaching On The Dreams In The Bible
  • Learn the 12 Gates to Dreaming
  • Dream Interpretation of Your Dreams
  • Development of Dream Language
  • Discover Your Grace, Gifts and Calling
  • Identify Your Sphere of Influence
  • A One-on-One Prophetic Consultation
  • Spouses Included In One Enrollment
  • Lifetime Membership To The School*

Lifetime Membership to the school means once you have completed one semester, you can participate in future semesters at no additional cost.  In other words, you can partake in our training as much as you’d like!

Live classes are held online via Zoom.  While live participation is encouraged it is not required. Students may take the course at their own pace on their own time.  They may catch the replays and still post dreams, comments and questions if they wish to engage in the class discussion.  This community is a safe-place of like-minded believers who are seeking to grow together in their understanding of God’s mysteries to see His purposes fulfilled in their lives and in the lives of people around them!

On earth as it is in heaven!

*This course is no longer available Live.  However, you are still able to enroll and watch the video replays and access the class notes.

*Upon completion of this course you are eligible to continue to grow with us in our next training, the Issachar Company.

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The Issachar Company

The Issachar Company is a prophetic company of intercessors learning to map the times and the seasons through divine intelligence.

This  is our advanced training in which we work with Dream Interpreters, Prophets and Prophetic Intercessors to both discern and understand dream Intelligence. In this course we will focus on how the manifold wisdom (diverse expression) of God is to be made known for the purpose of direction. The objective is to understand and properly apply and/or deliver the intelligence received to extend the kingdom of God in your sphere of influence. We will help to define targets of prayer and intercession in regards to reconnaissance and strategy in efforts to both avert warnings and live on assignment for the King!

One of the primary focuses of this course is “stewardship”.  Now that you’ve grown in your ability to discern and understand dream language, know the purpose of the dreams, understand your grace, calling and sphere of influence, it is now time to grow in your understanding of your sphere and how to properly and rightly steward the mysteries of God.  Learning what to do with the intelligence the Lord has downloaded to you is key!

Registration for our next Issachar Company is now open and classes begin January 9, 2023! Please note that completion of the School of Dream Intelligence semester is required to join this advanced training.

*Upon completion of this course you are eligible to continue to walk with us as a member of the Issachar Tribe.

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The Issachar Tribe

This is a community of prophetic intercessors and prophets who have completed the School of Dream Intelligence training including the Issachar Company training and wish to continue to be a part of an intercessory dreaming community on an on-going basis.  The heart for this community is to put hands and feet to their training, continue to grow and begin mapping out intercession blueprints for the places and spheres He reveals.  It’s taking our individual pieces of the puzzle and bringing them together for the greater picture.  This is available on a subscription basis and participants must complete all of our trainings in order to subscribe to the Issachar Tribe.

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*Must have completed the School of Dream Intelligence and Issachar Company trainings to be eligible for the Issachar Tribe.