Prophetic Companies: A Call To Align

Dates: Monday, January 29th – Thursday, March 7th

Format:  Live Zoom sessions weekly on Monday and Thursday from 7 to 9pm Central Time.

Cost: $247

**Please note that two character references are required. One leadership reference (e.g. pastor/ministry leader) and one peer-level reference (e.g. friend).

These references should be submitted to by January 22nd, and the subject line needs to say “Reference For (your name)”.These references should address the students character, giftedness and the nature of the relationship. For example the length of time and nature of the friendship.

School Description:

As the kingdom mandate expands in the earth so too is the prophetic narrative and regional nesting of prophetic companies. As apostolic progression continues to mature in the Earth we will see a greater reality of prophetic teams ascending together across regions and into spheres for the furtherance and mobilization of the Gospel. These prophetic companies will model the testimony of Jesus collectively in their pursuit and season as the transference of the kingdom substance they carry is imparted and community is increased.

Are you longing to connect with other kingdom ambassadors taking flight into a formation and pattern of prophetic company?

This six week course will focus on transitioning into a teams focus and paradigm which includes the following topics: