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The Gift of Repentance

on February 22, 2019

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? If you don’t, then this message is definitely NOT for you! But if you do, then this is for you! Most people enjoy receiving gifts. Some like flowers. Some like jewelry. Some like shoes. Some like chocolate. Some like tickets to concerts or sporting events. While gifts come in many […]

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The Underground Movement

on February 18, 2019

Daniel Company🗝 There’s an underground church movement springing forth within the womb of The West. While many are looking for the coming revival in a church building many will be surprised and will fail to identify the grass roots awakening coming forth from kingdom business and entrepreneurship. There are a company of kingdom pioneers that […]

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The Wheat And The Tares

on February 6, 2019

The Wheat and the Tares are Maturing🌾 As each day passes we can clearly see the wheat and the tares are beginning to mature. To a generation that knows their place it will be imperative that we see and distinguish between the two that have a very similar resemblance. Without doing so we will lack […]

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