The Wheat And The Tares

on February 6, 2019

The Wheat and the Tares are Maturing🌾

As each day passes we can clearly see the wheat and the tares are beginning to mature. To a generation that knows their place it will be imperative that we see and distinguish between the two that have a very similar resemblance. Without doing so we will lack the understanding needed to rightly respond and fulfill our role and assignment in the earth. In Matthew 13 verse 24-30 we are given a parable by Jesus. In the parable Jesus speaks about the kingdom of God being like a man who sowed good seed in his field.

As each day passes we must ask ourselves…..where is my field? And what seeds am I to deposit in the field, and how should I tend to it to ensure the harvest comes forth from my obedience? These are all questions that demand an answer and we will all stand before the King and give an account of our God given stewardship. As if this wasn’t enough for us we must also face the dilemma that while men (aka “the church”) sleeps we have a relentless enemy that we must combat that is creeping in to defile the harvest. How will he defile the harvest you ask? Scripture states that he will sow tares that look so close to the wheat that we won’t have the ability to distinguish between what is God and what is not. Many will say peace when there is none, many will call evil good and also call that which is good evil!

We must keep in mind that as maturity comes with the tares there will also be a maturity coming forth in the wheat. To give too much attention to the tares would be to disregard the maturing wheat and coming harvest. While also knowing to give too much attention to the wheat would be to stick our heads in the sand and disregard the signs of the tares which we can learn from. Beloved in Mark 4 verse 26-30 we see the response of the man that sowed the good seed in his field on good ground. Overnight as he slept the seed sprouted and grew the word states that he himself DID NOT KNOW HOW! Scripture states the earth yielded forth the crops according to the likeness of the seed and from their the harvest would come as the sickle was put to the grain so the head could come forth!

Beloved it is time to discern and distinguish the times but our response should summon us forth as we understand that our salvation is nearer than when we first believed! To acknowledge the tares and do nothing will be the fall of many in this nation that will allow their hearts to grow cold as lawlessness abounds and men and women are overcome at the sight and lack of their ability to rightly see and rightly perceive. Scripture says many will see yet they will not perceive, many will hear but they will not understand but BLESSED are your eyes for they see and hear! Beloved it’s time to know the times and seasons and know how we ought to respond as the prevailing and maturing bride. It’s time to fill our buckets with seed from heaven and sow in our appointed fields and watch over them till the day of His appearing. We must put our hands to the plow and tear up the fallow ground that seeks to harden the hearts of men towards their divine destiny and heavenly calling! #KnowYourField

I hear the Lord declaring Isaiah 58 verse 1 over America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱
“Cry aloud and spare not, Lift up your voice like a trumpet;Tell My people their transgressions,And the house of Jacob their sins.”

In Him,

Tom Ledbetter


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