John 17, Unity and The Call to Diversify

on June 27, 2017

In prayer I recently heard the Lord say that a good investor diversifies his assets, meaning that he enlarges his base of operations and does so in many different forms. This made me think about the prayer in John 17 where Jesus asked that all believers would receive the glory that He had been given by the Father so they might all become one in Him. So many times when we think about unity we think about it in the context of fleshly agreement, but we only see it with the natural eye and miss it in the spirit. The word of God says that we are to agree with one another in the Lord, but just like a good investor has diversified His assets so has our Father in Heaven. He has given gifts to men that are varied in function but all empowered by His Spirit, and He did so after His greatest hour in which He led captivity captive. Could it be that we have missed the real reason why the church must come together, and what the fruit would be of this happening? So many are hearing the cry of John 17 in this hour as a prayer that has yet to be answered here on earth, but for true unity to come we must not compromise who He says we are as well as who He says others are in Him. We have a tendency to hang around others that look, act and talk just like us, but when we get around other parts of the body of Christ that we’re not so familiar with, it is then that we begin to appreciate fully who He has made us to be, and at the same time appreciate who we’re not.

As we begin to diversify we will see a greater glory restored to the church based upon what has been deposited into the hearts of the children of God. We’ll be more apt to receiving and stepping into that which is our inheritance and our portion versus settling for what we think is the good portion. In many unity circles people have a tendency of shying away from who they really are because they don’t want to rock the boat, and would rather dumb down who Christ is in them for the sake of fitting in with those they want to be in agreement with. However, this is nothing more than false humility. It’s only when we acknowledge our unique differences that we have the capacity to truly value how we were each fashioned and face the challenge (and great opportunity) to agree with one another in the Lord. Agreement is a powerful thing. Psalms 133 states how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity for it is there that the Lord commands the blessing! The blessing is coming as the diversified gifts and talents are drawn out in the children of God and they learn to embrace each other and walk together in love and meekness, especially with the ones they least understand. Remember that God chose foolishness to confound the wisdom of the wise and He hasn’t changed His mind. He still desires us to be able to see past our limited understanding in order to see people for who the Lord says they are.

I believe the fruit of true John 17 unity will be that we see Him for who He is, then have eyes to see each other for who we are, and then see Him in one another. Diversified eyes see past the walls of sectarianism and have a fascination, awe and wonder of the glory of God. Diversified eyes have been given the ability to see the coat of many colors that has been given to the church. Like Jacob gave His son Joseph the coat of many colors, Our Father is extending to us the coat

that illuminates the many expressions of the Son of God that will release the manifold wisdom of God.

For so long we’ve only seen Christianity in the context of black and white but God is restoring all the colors to the body of Christ and giving understanding that He is a covenant keeping God, that sees and expresses Himself in an immeasurable amount of color and we must have one another to make new colors that the world has yet to see. Father is the Uncreated Creator and it’s in the coming together of His body that He is making known the beauty and majesty of what makes us all different, special and unique. It’s a simple call to allow the Lord to diversify our lives with Truth in full assurance that He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him, and for many of us it will be with Revelation 3:18’s eye salve to truly see our need for one another and the gifts that we’ve esteemed as nothing in our own eyes. I believe that if we could truly see as He sees we would find ourselves rejecting many of God’s gifts hidden in the hearts of men and women because of a lack of knowledge which is causing our vision to fail us.

It is time to diversify our lives in truth so the Lord can enlarge the place of His dwelling in us because it is currently too small. This Isaiah 54:2-3 reality is a key in this season for those that will choose to diversify the gifts given to them for there will be a multiplication and enlarging in their understanding. Each one of us is a treasure from the Lord; therefore, when He unlocks our eyes to see the treasure in one another we have the ability to partake of the divine nature and reward of the Lord.

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