The Power of Perspective

on June 27, 2017

I remember when my mom and I used to go to the mall and we would window shop, which meant that we just walked around and looked at things we didn’t have the money to buy. For me this was a time to sit down in the middle of the mall to watch people walk by and move in wonder. I remember always looking at people and trying to figure them out. What was going on in their lives? What were they walking through and what was special about them? Ever since I came to know the Lord in 2007 I’ve been fascinated by people’s perspective on life. Some definitions for perspective are the following:

  • Particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.
  • Merriam Webster defines perspective as an optical glass (telescope).

Interesting definition, isn’t it? The book of Ephesians talks about the eyes of the heart being fully enlightened, meaning that our eyes and vision are tied to the attitude of our hearts. So much of what we see can be directly attributed to what we’ve allowed God to do in our hearts, and the fruit of having a new heart is to then have new sight. Like the blind man said. “I once was blind but now I see.” It was far greater than just an earthly miracle of natural vision. Love had come and touched his heart before his earthly eyes were ever opened. Remember that Jesus said He came to open the eyes of the blind not the eyes of those who claimed to already see. It was a matter of pride for those that claimed they were already able to see, and they proved that their heart wasn’t able to receive the truth that the Son of God had come to give. The truth carried a healing balm for the heart and a power to open the eyes to who He was, is and will be.

In Jesus, I like to say, we have been given 3D like vision. This means we have the ability to see in different realms and it’s from where we stand that we have a particular angle or viewpoint which determines our perspective.

In the book Zechariah we see the prophet caught up in a vision where he sees the high priest Joshua being accused, and he sees the Angel of the Lord standing before him while Satan is standing at his right to oppose him. It’s an awesome story of a very real reality that takes place every day. Satan comes to oppose people, especially those that had been given influence in leadership like Joshua had been given to the people of Israel. Because Zechariah had been given eyes to see he could see beyond the veil of what was happening in the natural. What did it

look like in the natural for Joshua? Was it an assault on his identity? An attack on his calling or leadership style? Was it issues with certain relationships? We don’t know, but we do know that not everyone was given insight into what was spiritually taking place behind the veil. That which we see in the natural will always reflect that which is happening in the spiritual realm, but only those that have eyes to see from the spiritual realm have the ability to impact both.

Zechariah had eyes to see and as a result he was able to make effectual intercession and prayer as he is seen partnering with the Lord to call Joshua into his rightful place, as well as give him what the enemy sought to pervert and destroy. Satan was there to tell Joshua he was filthy, yet God through the prophet was there to tell him He had removed his filthy robes and given him rich robes, even a clean turban for his head.

Perspective is an amazing weapon that sees beyond the natural and engages from having stood before the Lord and standing on His truth. May we stand before the Lord today and gain a higher vantage point to see further than we ever have before!


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