The Rise of the Owl Company

on May 16, 2017

In 2012 I was taken into a vision where The Lord revealed an eagle transforming into an owl.  I saw it taking his place at the top of a newly formed mountain that had surfaced and risen out of the earth.  Little did I know at the time that this encounter would take me on a journey where the Lord would continue to reveal owls in some of the most unusual ways, and reveal His heart to me for the body of Christ.  I literally thought for a couple years that an owl would come down and land on my head at any moment as a confirming sign of the word.  It wasn’t until 2013 that someone asked me if I had heard about the white snowy owl that had flown down from the tundra and perched itself atop of a light pole in Rowlett, TX, just across the street from where I work off Dalrock Road.

Tundra Native Flies to Texas

For years the owl has been used by the new age movement as a dark mystical creature, but just like everything else, the devil can only counterfeit what God’s original intention was for everything that He created.  I believe the owl is a prophetic symbol of the arising prophets and seers that are carrying wisdom from on high in this hour like never before to have eyes to see in the dark and bring in the Light of God in unparalleled ways.  Owls are predators and stalkers of the night, and I believe that the Lord is awakening these watchmen to stand upon the walls of salvation and cry out to those in darkness as they relish in destroying the works of the devil.  Owls are strong seers known for having binocular vision with a heightened ability to hear and talons to crush the head of its prey.  Which reminds me of when Joshua spoke to the children of Israel, after spying out the land, and stated that the land was exceedingly good and they would overcome their enemies for they shall be as their bread!  This company of prophets will see the land for the promise that rests within its borders and feast on the opposition of the adversary.  

I believe the owl is a prophetic sign of this emerging prophetic generation that is rising up and carry a strong gift of discerning of spirits with a unique wisdom to be wise as serpents and yet be harmless as doves.  Proverbs 4:6 says “in all your getting get understanding”, and these ‘wise birds’ carry just that, a strategic understanding for effectual intercession.  They carry strategy and blueprints to pin down the devil and thrust forth the kingdom of God in unprecedented and unusual ways in a much needed hour.  In Hebrews it is written that we need to exercise our senses in order to discern between that which is good and evil.  These owls have the ability to sit and watch in trees while they discern who’s who and divide between that which is soul and spirit like the double edged sword, for they have been given double edged 20/20 vision.  These up and coming seers will carry a keen ability in all 5 of their senses and will have gone through vigorous training to enhance each one to fully partake of the divine nature of God so like Elijah they can be effective weapons in the hand of the Lord.

It’s a great hour to be in the kingdom, and it’s a great time to see this company of seers descend into darkness and call many sons to glory.


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