South Africa Report

on March 7, 2015

South Africa Report

Tom and the team have returned from their trip to South Africa where they had an amazing time of ministry!  The trip began with a lot of personal ministry in which the American team and South Africa team ministered to one another.  Then they had a 3 day weekend long prophetic conference, and a week in which the team went to minister to different groups of people.

This trip also served a couple of different purposes.  It provided our team with the opportunity to network and connect with other fathers in the faith, as well as discuss strategies for having a base in South Africa. This base will help us as we partner with Kingdom Fire Ministries to bring the gospel to the continent of Africa.

Overall this was a wonderful and strategic ministry trip.  One of many to come!

East Gate Encounter

Our East Gate community kicked off the year with a special Encounter weekend hosting our friend and partner John Paul Sprecher, founder of Forerunner Flame International and ILoveYouSon.Org.  John Paul’s heart is to turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons and the sons to the fathers as recorded in Malichi 4.  His ministry exists to reveal the heart of the Father to His children.  To be a catalyst to bring the Father to an ever increasing fatherless world.  Below is a summary from John Paul regarding the three days he spent with our community.

“It was my great honor to be with Tom and Lyly Ledbetter and the Kingdom Gravity/East Gate team this January. I was welcomed and received so warmly, and personally ignited on the inside with their FIRE of relentless pursuit for the Kingdom. Without hesitation, I can say that this company of prophetic hearts is hungry to tear down the walls of anything standing in the way of God’s presence over the DFW region. I believe God is hearing them, and moving with all speed to see this outcry answered.

As soon as I arrived, I was met by men and women of God ready to “step out on the water” with Jesus. Sons and Daughters ready to give it all for the sake of knowing Him. Together we shared powerful times of hearing God’s voice, prophesying over every heart, and preparing our lives for what our God wants to do in the days to come. The meetings and the fellowship was deep and purposeful. There was a great joy and also a great intensity throughout. God’s heart was revealed in two areas very clearly: God is the true Father of us all, and God is ready to move through us to surround and lead the city to Himself.

I believe that the DFW region is being used by God as a “breaker” and a forerunner for our nation. I believe that there is a strong measure of holy courage in Tom, Lyly, and lovers of Jesus across this city to insist on righteous unity and action. I believe there is one more reformation coming through the people of Texas…one that will be lead to the restoring of the Father’s unshakable foundations.” – John Paul Sprecher.

Freedom Campaign Update

We are super excited to announce that the Freedom Campaign has posted a billboard on I-30 in the city of Garland, TX.  The goal is to bring attention to the connection between pornography and human trafficking

Often people are appalled when they hear about the horrors of human trafficking.  They are disgusted by those who would enslave innocent women and children, but yet those same people tolerate, accept or even defend pornography.  The fact is that if anyone watches or has ever watched pornography they are or have supported human trafficking, the purchase of innocent people and children for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation.

According to Shared Hope International’s report on the demand for sex-trafficking, pornography is the primary gateway to the purchase of humans for commercial sex.  In a literal way, pornography is advertising for trafficking because traffickers and pimps use pornographic pictures of trafficked victims as advertising for their products.  But when we say No to porn, we say No to sex-trafficking and save innocent lives!

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