Freedom Campaign How To Get Involved

on February 3, 2014

Learn The Facts

Educate Yourself & Share With Others


Pray for the victims. Pray for strength, protection, freedom and justice.

Pray for the survivors.  Pray for hope, healing and restoration.

Pray for the traffickers.  Pray for conviction, repentance and salvation.

Pray for the church.  Pray for eyes and ears to be opened, and laborers to arise.

Pray for the ministries.  Pray for those involved in the rescue and restoration.

Go Social 

Raise awareness through social media.  Share on Facebook or Tweet about it!


You can volunteer your time and talents to help anti-trafficking ministries.

Mission Trip

Go on a mission trip to pray and minister hope to the victims and survivors.

Have A Fundraiser

Organize a car wash or a garage sale and donate the proceeds to a ministry or shelter.

Sponsor a Survivor

Commit as an individual or organization to sponsor one or more girls  in a rescue shelter.

Be A Walking Billboard

Wear t-shirts and bracelets that raise awareness and strike a conversation.

Host An Event

Invite us to come speak at your work place, school, church, or home group.


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