April 2013 News

on April 5, 2013

Hello Friends,

In our previous newsletter we announced that God added a new layer to our ministry related to the fight against human trafficking.  In this months edition it is with great excitement that I share with you our heart regarding this new area of ministry, but first I must give you a little background

In June of 2011, the Lord divinely interrupted my life with the cruel reality of modern day slavery.  I call this chapter of my life Life Interrupted.  I was going about my daily routine when God disrupted my mundane activities with the cry of His heart, to set the captives free.  You see, it is for freedom that Christ set us free (Gal. 5:1), and on that day He opened my eyes to this injustice, reminded me that we are His hands and feet on the earth, and fueled a passion in my heart to take action and speak up for those who cant speak for themselves.

Through a series of divinely orchestrated events that began with an accidental Facebook post that eventually put me on a plane half way around the globe, the Lord introduced me to the dark world of human trafficking. (To read the full story I highly encourage you to visit our blog.)  This sequence of events led me to Cambodia in October of 2012 where my life would forever be changed!

Our team of eight Americans joined two Aussies in Phenom Phen to see the work Rescue Her is doing in partnership with the SHE Rescue Home to bring freedom and justice to the oppressed.  In addition, we met with other local ministries and learned about the different roles they each play in the rescue, assessment, placement, restoration, healing, education and training of the survivors.  Every one of these ministries is unique.  One cannot function effectively without the other.  Alone they are nothing more than a piece of the puzzle, but together they form a masterpiece!

We spent much of our time ministering to the girls in the rescue home.  We also visited a couple of the girls (and their families) who had successfully been integrated back into society.  At night we talked to the working girls in the Red Light District.  We shared clean water and food in the slums.  We preached and played games with the children in the village.  We prayed for and encouraged those who are doing the work of the ministry, and shared the love of Christ with everyone we encountered!

This trip was eye opening and life-transforming, and upon my return I knew He didnt take me to Cambodia to simply expose me to the darkness and allow me to return to life as usual.  No, He had a purpose for me.  I spent the coming months seeking the Lord and asking what He wanted me to do.  Then, as we traveled back from a ministry trip to Pittsburgh, He revealed my assignment. The Lord has called me to be a voice for the oppressed, and it is now my hearts desire to speak up for those who cant speak for themselves.

My mission is to raise awareness and support.  I am willing to speak to anyone who will listen and go where ever He opens doors; schools, churches, bible study groups, conferences, businesses, and anywhere else He leads. People need to know.  I cannot expect anyone to be a part of the solution if they dont know there is a problem.  Therefore the first step is to raise awareness.  Beyond that I would like to raise funds to continue this mission and distribute the funds to the various ministries directly involved in the rescue and restoration of the oppressed (such as SHE Rescue Home, Rescue Her, Eden Ministry, Free Nola, and others). Additionally, I would love to take anyone who desires to experience first-hand the realities of human trafficking, and see what their support is doing and how its changing lives, on a mission trip.  I cannot begin to express how putting a face with a number will impact your life!

Friends, 27 million people in bondage today and this injustice isnt just happening in other countries.  It is happening right here in our own back yards.   We have to do something.  Doing nothing is not an option.  In the words of Edmund Burke, The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.  We cannot let the numbers become numbing or the magnitude of this injustice overwhelm and paralyze us.  We may not be able to save them all, but together we can save one!

Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice. Proverbs 31:9 NLT

A Call To Action

What can I do to help? you may ask.  The answer is you can do a lot to help.  These are some of the ways you can personally help make a difference:

1.  Pray!  Prayer is Not a last resort.  It is our most powerful form of warfare!   Pray for ministries. Pray for the girls in the brothels.  Pray for the girls who have been rescued. Pray for the perpetrators.  Pray and watch God move!

2.  Spread the word!  Hang up posters or hand out flyers at school, work, church or local businesses to raise awareness.  Many ministries offer free materials online that you may download and print or receive by mail.  (This is something KGMi will be working on producing as well to make available to you in the near future.)

3.  Get social!  Talk about human trafficking and what people can do to get involved on your Facebook wall or Twitter page.  Its all about MULTIPLICATION!!!  The more people talking about this the bigger the impact we can make.

4. Give!  You can give of your time, talents, resources and money to help ministries such as Kingdom Gravity (and those mentioned in this letter) fight against human trafficking.  Make a donation and become a supporter.

5. Mail!  You can write letters of encouragement to girls in the rescue homes.  You could also coordinate a clothing or gift drive and ship items such as school supplies, shoes and other essentials to shelters.
6.  Become a Sponsor!  This is an amazing way to become intimately involved in the life of a survivor and help make their dreams of a bright future come true.  SHE Rescue Home is one of many shelters that offers sponsorship opportunities.  To learn more please visit wwwsherescuehome.org

7.  Partner with us!  Invite Kingdom Gravity to speak at your next event, school or bible study group.

These are only a few of the MANY ways you can get involved. I encourage you to pray about how the Lord would like to use you in the fight against human trafficking!  His response may stun you but remember that nothing is impossible for God!

Thank you for reading this letter, and thanks for your continued prayers and support!

With love,

Lyly Ledbetter

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed; Luke 4:18 NKJV

Upcoming Mission Trips

Fighting Human Trafficking in Moldova

It is my desire to partner with Rescue Her once again to bring healing and hope to survivors of sex trafficking, this time traveling to Moldova, the world’s #1 trafficking source nation.  Unlike Cambodia, where most of the children are sold into sex slavery by their parents, in Moldova, many young girls (mostly teenagers) are either kidnapped or lured by professional men and women promising lucrative jobs in other countries and then sold to brothel owners.

Since 1991, over 450,000 girls have gone missing from Moldova, Europes poorest nation. This is largely due to their high numbers of orphans; all of whom are cast out of orphanages at age 16. With no place to go and no skills to get hired, they wind up on the streets where girls are taken by Russian or Turkish mafia to be brutally exploited through sex trafficking. Most will not live to see their 30th birthday.  Having a simple skill can save a girls life. Learning a basic trade that many might consider a hobby is a huge advantage for them when they graduate from their orphanage or transition home.

On this trip, June 22nd-29th, the missions team will spend time in the transition homes teaching and training girls life-skills and marketable skills that will set them up for a successful future. Skills such as, but not limited to: jewelry making, sewing, knitting scarves and hats.  In addition the team will hold meetings for teen girls and women to minister to them about self-esteem, their value and God given destiny, and will also do preventative work in the local schools.

If you would like to make a financial contribution toward this mission trip you may give online at www.kingdomgravityministries.org or mail a check to Kingdom Gravity Ministries at PO Box 415, Rockwall, TX 75087.

[Please note that we are still awaiting approval from the IRS for 501c3 tax-exempt status.  If a tax deduction is not important to you then you may donate directly to Kingdom Gravity.  However, if you wish to ensure your donation is deductible we have partner ministries that do have tax-exempt status and will allow you to write your check out to them and distribute the funds to us.  To know how you may secure your tax deduction please contact us at info@kingdomgravityministries.org.]

Freedom Campaign Needs You

How You Can Help

Do you have a special set of skills, such as graphic design?  Do you own a printing business? Or maybe you  have other talents and resources you would like to offer to help us with the Freedom Campaign.  If so, please contact us by  e-mail at info@kingdomgravityministries.org

Other Events

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You are invited to join us for Tuesday morning prayer at the Dayspring Chapel in Rockwall.  We meet the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 7am to 8am.  Come get infected with prayer!

United Encounter 2013

Mark your calendar for Friday, July 19th!  Kingdom Gravity will be hosting a worship rally at Harry Myers Park in Rockwall.  More information regarding this event coming soon!  Stay tuned  

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