Freedom Campaign

About The Freedom Campaign:

The Freedom Campaign is Kingdom Gravity’s anti-trafficking effort to raise awareness and support, as well as activate everyday people like you and I in the fight against human-trafficking.


Who We Are:

It’s simple! We are freedom fighters and it is our goal to shine a light on the fastest growing crime in the world. Not only to inform and raise support, but to activate ordinary people like you and me into action because we CAN make a difference!


Human Trafficking:

It is currently estimated that 27 million innocent men, women and children around the globe are trapped in modern day slavery. Innocent lives are being forced into manual and sexual labor against their will every day in America and abroad. We cannot be okay with this. We must speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves, and fight for their freedom, healing and restoration. By partnering with the Freedom Campaign you are taking a stand against human trafficking and helping us bring an end to the fastest growing criminal industry in the world.

Join the campaign and let’s be the generation that stands up for justice and brings an end to human trafficking! Together we CAN make a difference!


What You Can Do:

To learn more about human trafficking and how you can get involved click below:
Human Trafficking Facts
How To Get Involved



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